TREMOR / DRŻENIE (ongoing)

The Upper Silesian Industrial Region, situated in the area of Upper Silesia in southern Poland, is regarded as one of the most seismically active mining regions in the world. In the second half of the twentieth century, several thousands micro-earthquakes were reported annually. Its high seismic activity was caused by the large-scale underground coal exploitation and, to a lesser extent, the natural tectonic activity of the area. Currently, due to a decrease in mining, the network of seismic stations in the area record several hundred tremors a year. Most of them are of a minor magnitude - no higher than 3 degrees on the Richter scale. Some of the quakes cause buildings to sway, furniture to move, walls to crack, and buildings to become seriously damaged. Tremor is inspired by scientific data, stories in the local press, and witness accounts, and explores the invisible forces that lurk deep underground here, in this landscape that shudders with minor tectonic phenomena.